Your new home lies at the centre of Hijauan Valdor’s matured neighbour- hood, next to Sungai Bakap. Here, you will enjoy upscale living filled with great convenience, close to major attractions and amenities such as schools, banks, hospitals, shopping and entertainment.

Spend quality time with friends and family with sheer joy or indulge yourself with trendy brands shopping experience at the newly opened Design Village that is located less than 20 minutes’ drive away.

Access the island quickly and easily on your daily journey. Hijaun Valdor is located next to the feeder road to the 2nd Link Penang Bridge and just 5-8 minutes to the North South Expressway. You are also 10 minutes away from Penang Science Park, 3 km to Batu Kawan Industrial Park and 6 km to Bukit Minyak Industrial Park. Here are some of the other exciting amenities.